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Anti Gores HP (Screen Guard)

Screen Guard Blackberryscreen guard spy blackberry

Definisi :

Screen Guard atau anti gores layar HP. bisa untuk blackberry, samsung, dan berbagai hp lainnya.  terdapat 2 pilihan anti gores yaitu :

1. anti gores Bening/Transparan.

2. anti gores Spy/Hitam.

Harga :

1. anti gores Bening/Transparan : 30.000,-

2. anti gores Spy/Hitam : 35.000,-


2 comments on “Anti Gores HP (Screen Guard)

  1. Maksi Maq
    May 17, 2013

    Sober note. Publisher is good writer. I will pass it on to my fellows. Enjoy with your web page. I swear that I will come back here.

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